Our Services

Game Design And Development

The demand of cross-platform game application development is increasing day by day. Thus, our prime aim to develop such exciting games that support the cross-platform features, means can run across every platforms without any sort of hassle.In order to support different mobile platforms, we use the well-known technologies like unity 3D to code the game applications. The maintenance and deployment of advanced features are also possible in our applications. It is not hard for our experienced game developers and creative design team to create those games that provide a constant look and feel across a variety of platforms. We are admirable to create single code, which can run easily on all platforms without any performance issues.

Enterprise Product Development

At Revolution Games, we understand your enterprise and consumer needs, consequently it has made us to deliver relevant and highly customised products that are unique and feature perfect for your needs. Our years of experience and expertise makes us one stand apart from the industry. We have a long history of developing unique software products that are functionally sound and feature-rich. Our tech-expert team members has many years of experience of working on different technologies, frameworks and languages with an exceptional work management quality. At Revolution Games we try to deliver your products that surpass your imagination and innovation that makes differentiate you from your competitors.

Custom Software Development

Custom software development is the process of designing, building, integrating, scaling, and upgrading software solutions to address the pressing needs or achieve objectives of your specific business. At Revolution Games, we use cutting-edge methods and follow the latest trends in programming to build efficient channels of communication between you and your market. We develop custom software applications for enterprise, web, desktop and mobile platforms. We’ll turn your vision into software that works, wins, and wows. You see, we know how to capture, codify, organize, and convey software design across blended teams without ambiguity, so you don’t have to. We reduce risk and make our clients successful with custom software development.

Mobile Application Development

Transform your business ideas into mobile applications with Revolution Games. With over 15+ years of helping customers accelerate digital transformation across the world, we work with you to understand your digital customer journey and build innovative custom mobile app solutions that match your unique business needs.We make mobile apps for multiple-platforms like Android and iOS . Our mobile app development team has a long streak in releasing foolproof, quality applications in the Google Playstore and iOS app stores. Our well constituted and balanced team of developers, business development managers, quality analysts, marketing experts, etc can solve any complications that can arise from the inception to delivery stage of your mobile app.

E-Commerce Application Development

We build highly interactive white label eCommerce apps as per your requirements and budget. Our e-commerce application development services are highly reliable and of world-class quality. With a team of experts, we craft the best ever mobile applications to support your online business. E-commerce mobile apps have become an important medium for sales. They are helping businesses widen their reach and connect to customers worldwide. So the demand for e-commerce app development is significantly high in today’s world. Our years of experience in e-commerce development is a promise to deliver the best products for our customers. We use the latest technologies to build applications that enable our clients to stay ahead of the curve.

Software Quality Assurance and Testing Services

We offers independent quality engineering and a wide range of software testing services and solutions. Our well experienced and deep-skilled quality assurance team has hands-on, end-to-end understanding of the challenges faced by enterprises while on the path of digital transformation. Our automated testing mechanism is crucial for the testing process and helps build an efficient application. By systematically following the Software Testing Life Cycle, we provide an end-to-end quality assurance to deliver error-free solutions.Whether you have desktop, mobile or next-gen-based applications, our software testing specialists work with a focused approach to help you get more out of your testing efforts and improve time to market, and thus, your ROI.


With more and more businesses in IT looking to optimize their software development cycle in recent years, DevOps has witnessed an exponential rise in the adoption rate in the World. Software Development Companies need DevOps to increase the deployment speed and put more rigour into software testing. Revolution Games offer Digital Transformation along with DevOps consulting services. Our experienced DevOp team will bring new vision to the development process and all processes linked to it: testing, integrations and deployment. Adopting our DevOps practices means giving your company an upsurge in its ability to speed up delivery of applications and services, reducing downtimes thus increasing availability, simplifying management processes and provisioning infrastructure.

UX/UI Design

We create digital experiences that transform brands, grow businesses and make peoples lives more enjoyable.We create solutions that look great across mobile, tablet and desktop. Our UI/UX design and development services are focused on creating interfaces that make every digital interaction a delightful user experience. We work as an extended UX team for companies , bringing an in-depth understanding of the business, design and technical aspects so as to build digital products with a great user experience that affirms the business goals. We understand your business goals and connect them to your users by turning complex looking designs into beautiful, clean and accessible designs which is user friendly. We love to brainstorm new ideas and create valuable user interfaces.

IT Consultancy

We provide a range of specialist consulting includes IT Consulting, IT Management and Outsourcing Services, Management Consulting, and a range of Computer Support functions and solutions. The backbone and focus of our services is systems security, both hard and soft. With the same prowess, we will help you find, test, design and implement scalable and cost-efficient IT infrastructures for your small- or medium-sized business. We provide insight into current and new technologies, Cloud Migration, Mobile App Implementation, Smart Device Integration, IoT Adoption and demonstrate its impact on your organisation. We can help lead your organisation forward with highly effective IT strategies and implement innovative solutions with our IT consultancy services.